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I noticed a blog link request in the comments section and decided to take a look. Usually, I ignore those requests because they come from internet spammers (hate them!!!!) but this time I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I took a look. What I found was Marina Mode a French language shopping blog with really fun, young fashion attire. I think it's a nice looking site and I also think that my readers from The Decorating and this site, Dress My Nest, will enjoy the site as well. So you can now find a link to Marina Mode in the blog roll section. Have fun !

One note, the site is in French. I understand French so I had no issues (Thanks to my mother forcing me to study 4 years of French) but if you don't speak/read French then you can use Google's language translator.

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Fall 2007 Fashion and Home Decor

I'm so excited about the Fall 2007 color and fashion line up - it's absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to show you how you can easily translate the upcoming runway fashion styles to inspired design for your home. The posting is coming soon :)

By the way I recently received my Sephora catalog and I've got to tell you the colors are FABULOUS!!! I'm designing a pillow collection (that's why posting has been light) and I'm happy to report that the fabric colors I selected for the decorative pillow collection is spot on based on the fall colors I am seeing in early reviews.

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Andy Warhol Inspired Betsy Johnson Pop Fashion

What could be more fabulous than a Betsy Johnson Andy Warhol inspired pink dress? Creating your very own super-cool, pop-infused Andy Warhol inspired wall art.

Betsy's amazing dress serves as a canvas for the sexy Marilyn Monroe iconic painting by Warhol but you don't have to be a super-star fashion designer to bring incredible style home. Melissa Clifton, a very creative and talented photoshop expert guides you step by step toward creating your very own personal pop-inspired art in her instructional article "Andy Warhol-Up Your Photographs".

Fashion Inspiration (on the left): Betsy Johnson Starlet V-Neck Dress.(Image source
Divine Design (on the right): Melissa Clifton's Warhol-Up Tutorial . ( Image source
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Christian Dior Pink Sofa Inspiration

This haute couture inspired look for the home is bold. It's hot. It's edgy. It's sexy. Above all it's not for the shy or those who worry what others might think or say.

Fashion Inspiration
(on the left): Christian Dior Spring / Summer 2007 Collection.(Image source
Divine Design (on the right): Karim Rashid Omni Sectional Sofa from ( Image source

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Chanel Crisp Whites and Sharp Blacks Inspired Bedding

When it comes to haute couture there is no greater design house than Chanel. We dedicate our first post at "Dress My Nest" to the captivating and time transcending style of Chanel.

Fashion Inspiration (on the left): Chanel Spring / Summer 2007 Collection. Available at Chanel stores (Image source
Divine Design (on the right): South Bay Linen bedding collection available at Inside Avenue. (Image source Inside Avenue)
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