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I noticed a blog link request in the comments section and decided to take a look. Usually, I ignore those requests because they come from internet spammers (hate them!!!!) but this time I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I took a look. What I found was Marina Mode a French language shopping blog with really fun, young fashion attire. I think it's a nice looking site and I also think that my readers from The Decorating and this site, Dress My Nest, will enjoy the site as well. So you can now find a link to Marina Mode in the blog roll section. Have fun !

One note, the site is in French. I understand French so I had no issues (Thanks to my mother forcing me to study 4 years of French) but if you don't speak/read French then you can use Google's language translator.

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** Terramia ** said... May 5, 2007 at 3:58 PM  

Thanks for sharing... very cool!

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